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Member Dr. Henry Chapeski lands in a field in Saskatchewan, Canada. He is in stable condition, passenger unhurt. Quick thinking on Dr. Chapeski's part saved ALOT of critical time.
Read about it here.
Connecticut Fly-in...
"I am writing to ask that you publicize our great aviation event to your club members.  We are the largest event of its kind in the Northeast the 29th Annual Simsbury Fly-In and Car Show, to be held on Sunday, Sept 14 at Simsbury Airport 4B9.
Last year, our event attracted 14,000 spectators who enjoyed displays of over 700 beautiful aircraft and autos of virtually every type and vintage, plus more than 100 additional attractions and exhibitors.  We are like a country fair for aviation (and car) buffs. 
This year we will have a seminar on Seaplane Flying, conducted by Jeff Moody of the Seaplane Pilots' Association.
We especially welcome "type clubs".  There will be judging and trophies in many categories, and many activities that will interest yourself and members of your family.  For complete info about our event, video, schedules, directions, contacts, go to
NOTE:  Due to the high number of arriving aircraft, the FAA has established arrival procedures that should be followed.  These are described on our website.

Arrival Procedures
Departure Procedures
We'd love to have you attend and display your aircraft."
Bill Thomas
Simsbury Airport
Good advice from the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC). We, as general aviation pilots, are having some trouble with balked landings and go arounds. Read their recommendations here. The Seabee "Safety Tips" page will be updated to reflect the above. (SM)
We have separated the "Services" page into two separate pages. One is "Products" (Seabee specific products) the other is "Owner Recommended Services". If you have had a good experience with a Seabee service of any kind, email us and we will list your recommendation on the "Services" page. No negative recommendations will be listed. The lack of recommendations should speak for itself. Please let the Seabee community know about your good experiences! Thanks.

(Ed Note:  To prevent a conflict of interest, the Seabee website staff will not list a recommendation for any services.)
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Member John Cuny had his first flight!
at Oshkosh!
John CunyJohn Cuny Seabee
Above is a photo of member John Cuny accepting the "Golden Lindy Award" for Grand Champion Seaplane at Oshkosh. (Left photo by Bill McCarrell; Right photo by John Cuny)

John says,
Sorry if you get this twice but I know so many of you supported my effort for so long I wanted to include you (meaning the e-mail recipients). The Seabee won the Golden Lindy for Grand Champion Seaplanes Oshkosh 2014. Thanks again for all your support over these long and trying years."

Member John Murphy has writen a book, "An Eagle Tells Flying Stories with Associated Drivel", about his trials and tribulations in the Air Force and Air National Guard. If you are interested in purchasing the book, please contact him at
Before you buy, do a pre-buy inspection. Download it here.
Member Bruce Douglas having fun! (in Wisconsin)
Bruce Douglas
Click on image for full view
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Updated August 28, 2014