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Sad news:
Mr. John "Hoop" HooperJohn Hooper, the founder of the International Republic Seabee Owners Club (IRSOC), passed away on August 17, 2015. He was 101 years old! It was about 15 years ago that John allowed me to take the reins of the Seabee club website and I have to tell you I was petrified! However, with John's kind words and more help from him than I can put down on this page, he made it work for me. Always a kind word and the most enthusiastic Seabee Club member I have yet to meet (albeit by email). He knew Percival H. Spencer, inventor of the Seabee, personally and never owned a Seabee but sold them back in the 40's and 50's for Republic. He will always be remembered by the members of the IRSOC and with much gratitude. Thank you! (SM for the Seabee Club) 8/19/2015.  Read his obituary here.
Oshkosh was the "Year of the Seabee"!

This WAS the year of the Seabee at Oshkosh! 17 Seabees showed up at various times and 11 made a showing at the EAA Seaplane Base at Oshkosh. Including Bob Woodberry's Twin Bee. That is the most this author has ever seen in one spot! Many new friends were made and some super Seabees were there! Along with a very rare appearance of three, yes, three Piaggio Royal Gulls! There are only four flying so to see three in one spot was amazing. See all the photos here. If you have photos you would like to share please email them to me and I will gladly post them. Please include the photographer's name so I can give credit to them.  See the article and many photos here (updated 8/21/2015):

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Mar 2014 NewsletterBruce Hinds Corner

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Newsletter from member Bruce Hinds with very good Seabee informa
Member Bill Bardin wins Best Amphibian at Oshkosh 2015!
Congratulations Bill!  
Bill Bardin Award  368CM
Photo by Bill Bardin                                         Photo by John Cuny

368CM Interior
Photo by Isaac Alder
Member Henry Chapeskie is flying again!
After an emergency landing that damaged his Seabee, Henry Chapeskie has his new Seabee flying. He says he has about ten hours on it and it is running fine as indicated from the photos below. We are glad to have him back in the air. Especially in a Seabee!

Henry Chapeskie  Henry Chapeskie
Henry Chapeskie  Henry Chapeskie
Henry Chapeskie
Photos by Henry Chapeskie
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Updated September 2, 2015