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Member Dr. Henry Chapeski lands in a field in Saskatchewan, Canada. He is in stable condition, passenger unhurt. Quick thinking on Dr. Chapeski's part saved ALOT of critical time.
Read about it here.
Lake Gaston Splash-In...
...will be held on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Missy House says,
"Lake Gaston Resort welcomes you to your home away from home on beautiful Lake Gaston!  A place that has everything you need for fun as well as relaxation!  Amenities & activities available for all ages. Lake Gaston Resort has an indoor & outdoor pool, restaurant, Clubhhouse, marina, snack bars, boat docks and a fun center with bowling, shuffle board, racquetball, exercise room and an arcade.  Book your next vacation, dining experience or function with us!  We would love to see you!"
Don't hesitate to contact me for additional information.
Looking forward to another awesome Splash-In!
Missy House, Special Projects Coordinator
Lake Gaston Resort
PO Box 426
Gasburg, VA 23857
(434) 577-2193

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Mar 2014 Newsletter

Future Seabee Pilot Jason Nucciarone
with Member Mike Lush's beautiful Seabee

Jeff Nucciarone
(photo by Jeff Nucciarone, Jason's' dad)

Jeff says, "Hi Steve. The event (Hammondsport) has grown much smaller this year and the was only a single Seabee.
Three Lakes showed up and maybe ten or twelve planes in total.

Since we couldn't pose with the Marty B here's a photo of Jason with the next best thing. 
He did manage to snag a long ride in a Lake Renegade.

Hopefully we get to cross paths again some day. Maybe the kid will have learned to become a pilot by then!
Take care, Jeff"
(I remember taking Jason for rides in the Ol' Marty B quite a few times. His feet didn't even reach the rudder pedals! I think things have changed in just a few years! Thanks for the update Jeff. SM)
Before you buy, do a pre-buy inspection. Download it here.
Yours truly flying the Ol' Marty B over Lake Murray, SC.
Photos by Jim Franklin.
Can you say too much fun!

Final Approach
Final approach to SC99 (home base)

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Updated September 27, 2014