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How to remove your Hartzell HC-12X20-3 propeller
(two-blade Franklin Propellers)
If your propeller seals leak you need to do this. This will most likely solve your oil dispersion problems.
New Seabee T-shirts available in Black! Also the Seabee CD has turned into the Seabee DVD! It includes 10 Seabee walk Around Videos.
Check them out here!
Electrol Hydraulic Pump Plunger Installation
I got a bunch of boxes with some papers in it related to the Seabee. One of them was a procedure for installing the plungers in the Electrol Hydraulic PowerPac. You can download it here. I haven't tried it yet but I'm working on it. The article seems accurate and has been rewritten and cleaned up as the original was in pretty bad shape. Let me know what you think. (S.M.) No guarantees!!

NEW! Check Supplement #1 to Service News #54
Franklin Seabee Annual Inspection List
Our newest member, Dennis Dent
(Photo by Dennis Dent)
Dennis Dent
Dennis sent this video (.MOV). Is he happy?

Cool photos and movies from "anonymous" member!
(Somewhere over the northern hemisphere!)
Click on image

MP4 or  MOV
(The .MOV file is sideways. I'm working on it.)
MP4 or MOV
MP4 or MOV
Eric Eric
Beautiful Dusk Flight!
(.MOV file)
Photos by Eric
NOTE: If the above videos won't play, right-click on the MP4 or MOV link and save it to your desktop. Then double-click the file to play. 
Bruce Hinds' Newsletters
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Mar 2014 NewsletterBruce Hinds Corner

Most of Bruce Hinds Newsletters
Newsletter from member Bruce Hinds with very good Seabee informa

Beautiful Night (and Day) Shot from Bruce Douglas

Bruce Douglas  Bruce Douglas
Member Bruce douglas (our most prolific photographer) night time and day time over Wisconsin.

Bruce Dougals
Is he excited!!?? (okay, it's in the Royal Gull but he looks the same in his Seabee!!)

All photos by Bruce Douglas
Our brothers up in the Northwest had a great Splash-in last week!
Photos below by Member John Cuny

NW Splash-in
Member Buzz Hale's "Thunder Bee"
(It's for sale! Check it here.)
NW Splash-in
From the co-pilot's window

NW Splash-in
On the beach
NW Splash-in
Member Pete Norman's prize winner
NW Splash-in

Buzz Hale
All photos by and courtesy of John Cuny. Thanks John!
(Click on images for full size view)

Before you buy, do a pre-buy inspection. Download it here.
Also, DO A TITLE SEARCH! (Available from AOPA or SPA)
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Updated November 20, 2015