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Made from .080" Aluminum with reflective lettering.
Seabee Parking
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Bill Bold
Our first customer!! Thanks Bill! (and E.T.)

What parts would you like to see made for our Seabees?
An anonymous member suggested we start a list for the most wanted parts we would like to see made...legally! If you have a suggestion, email me and I will add it to the list. If we get enough of the same part requests we may be able to have them made at a reasonable cost. Even if a part is listed, let me know and I'll keep a running tally so we know what part is most requested.
You must be able to commit to the part!
Check out the "Parts4Sale" page for the list. Thanks. SM
New section on the Maintenance page!
Republic Service Instructions. With miscellaneous installation files.
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Mar 2014 NewsletterBruce Hinds Corner

Most of Bruce Hinds Newsletters
Newsletter from member Bruce Hinds with very good Seabee informa
The Seabee Club's oldest member..
Long-time Seabee Club member Captain Chuck Bassett died on June 27, 2015. Born February 28, 1915, I first met Chuck at Hammondsport, NY during the Seaplane Homecoming in 2005. Always smiling, full of fun, a real aviator. He has flown everything from the PT-13a below to the Pan American Airways flying boats to the Boeing 747. He was 100 years old. We should all aspire to leave a legacy like that! He will be missed dearly. He is survived by his three sons. If you wish to send condolances his son Dennis' email is

Chuck Bassett  Chuck Bassett
Earning his wings in a PT-13A

Chuck Bassett
Captain Chuck Bassett at Speculator Splash-in 2003   


Oshkosh is the "Year of the Seabee"! (It's been confirmed!)

I, and others, have heard that 2015 is the year of the Seabee at the Airventure Convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. So get your Seabee ready and let's all meet up at Oshkosh on July 20-26, 2015. You can check the Airventure information here. In 2011 we had 9 Seabees. Lets see if we can smash that record! I will keep track of all the Seabeers planning to go so let me know if you plan on making it. We ain't getting any younger! Let's do it! See the EAA anouncement here.

There will be a Seabee Seminar at 9:00 on Friday at the big tent at the Seaplane Base. There will be a radio broadcast at 10:00 on Saturday via EAA radio (I don't know the frequency). A Seabee fly-by during the show is scheduled but day/time to be determined.
US Canada Other
9 3 ?

Announcement from John Knapp of the SPA
Year of the Seabee
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Message from down under:
The Flying Tadpole was used to advertise for a radio station in Australia and to spot for sharks! That was years ago but Howard Frankenburg remembers.  Thanks Howard!
Gidday mate! Howard says:

"Hi Steve, Well done excellent work my friend ! It's a big Thank you to you and your club this little plane is etched in everyone's mind around summertime in Melbourne in the seventies it holds huge memories not to mention potential shark attacks to warned of to protect beach goers.This plane, to people of my vintage, was as recognisable as " CocoCola " we all knew the flying tadpole.Thanks again mate I will keep in touch with interest and follow your site. If I get any news on this Aussie icon I will pass it on.
Thank you. Kind regards from down under, Howard"

Flying Tadpole
(photos courtesy of
Check out this Flying Tadpole video!! (.MP4 file)

Before you buy, do a pre-buy inspection. Download it here.
Also, DO A TITLE SEARCH! (Available from AOPA or SPA)
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Tips on how not to crash! These are offered up from the membership and your input is always welcome. Who knows, we might just bring down insurance costs!

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